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Orders of Worship for February 25, 2024

Ways to Put Your Faith Into Action this Week

If you are not already receiving our Monday Devotional Word of the Week or our weekly Thursday email that outlines what is happening in the life of this faith community please reach out to the church office at 837-5554 or so we can get you on this email list. Our Word of the Week devotional is now also on our Podcast channel. You can now listen to the Word of the Week as well as read it.  

*The red collection boxes are ready to receive your jewelry donations for the Garage Sale. They are placed at either end of the green counters in the Fellowship Hall. We appreciate you respecting the Deadline, which is Sunday, March 31. This will enable us to price everything before the sale set-up week. Thank you for all your contributions.
*For our church’s collection of loose coins for the months of January through March will go to the Wisconsin Keep Warm/Keep Cool Fund. This non-profit organization’s mission is to “help keep the heat and power on for the elderly, disabled, and working families with young children”.  Loose Coins can be left in the offering plates as you leave worship today. 
*Our monthly food drive will take place on Saturday, March 9th from 9 to 11 in the morning in our church parking lot and during morning worship on Sunday, March 10th. Our donations in March will go to our neighborhood school Northside Elementary. A list of current needs can be found on our church website and in our weekly Thursday email starting this week. 
*During the season of Lent as we celebrate coming to the table, we are collecting spices, sauces and condiments to season others tables for Northside Elementary School. A shopping list of needs can be found at the table in the Narthex where we are collecting donations as well.
*Join us for worship next Sunday as we continue our Lenten theme come to the table at 8:30 and 10:45 either in person or online. Next Sunday we will also participate in the sacrament of communion at both worship services.