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“Yes, the Lord has done great things for us, and we are overjoyed. Lord, change our circumstances for the better, like dry streams in the desert waste! Let those who plant with tears reap the harvest with joyful shouts.”

Psalm 126:3-5

As we draw closer to Christmas, even in a year of less gathering together or travel, there are always things to do and most of us have a lengthy to-do list. You may have seen the “Christmas To-Do List” making its way around social media. Within the list of things to do, there is a message to remind us of what this Advent and Christmas season and a life focused on others should look like.

Each item on the To-Do List has key words scratched out and substituted with other words. For example, instead of “Buy Presents,” it’s been changed to “Be Present.” Instead of “Make Cookies,” it says “Make Time for People.” “Send Gifts” is changed to “Send Love.” “Shop for Food” becomes “Donate Food.” “See the Lights” is amended to “Be the Light.”

Could it really be that simple and easy? When we pause and look at the amended list, it seems like those things really do come from a place of gratitude and from a desire to ‘Be’ instead of ‘Do, Do, Do.”

The Psalmist reminds us that God has done great things for us and will change our circumstance for the better. When we can truly be grateful for the things that God has done and is doing, we can sense God’s Advent Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. Those gifts become the blessings that will include and spread God’s presence in all that we do.