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The Pandemic has changed many things about how we function on a daily basis. Some changes
have been temporary, and some are ongoing. Some changes have been challenging and others
have offered us a new way of doing things. The same is true in our ministry and worship life

One of the necessary changes we made last summer in order to return to in-person worship was
to begin worshiping outdoors in our parking lot. Outdoor worship turned out to be a welcomed
change that gave us an opportunity to worship in a different and more informal way. Many have asked about having outdoor worship again this summer.

Beginning Sunday, May 29th, which is Memorial Day weekend and going through Sunday,
September 4th, which is Labor Day weekend, we will worship outdoors in the church parking lot
at 8:30 am. We will also have a 10 am indoor worship service in the sanctuary. For our outdoor
worship, you may either sit in your car or bring a lawn chair and sit outside with others. We will
have canopy tents set up for shade and share fellowship time outdoors after worship.

Why two services for the summer when our attendance fluctuates with people gone more on the
weekends? Because…something else we have learned during the pandemic is that we need to
provide opportunities to worship at a variety of times and both virtually and in person.
The 8:30 outdoor worship will provide a change of atmosphere in a more informal setting and the
10:00 indoor setting will provide worship for those who do not care to worship outdoors and also
allow us to continue to livestream our worship each week. Currently, we are worshiping anywhere
from 125-200 people on the livestream each week.

My summer hope and prayer is that you will make worship a priority for yourself and your family
and invite others to be part of worshiping with us either at 8:30 am outdoors, 10 am indoors or
anytime online.

It is a blessing to worship together as a faith community in so many ways at SPUMC!


-Pastor Jenny Arneson

8:30am Outdoor Worship

Join us in our church parking lot for a more informal worship service under the tents. Either bring your own lawn chair or drive in and connect to worship on your FM radio.

10am Worship

Join us in our church sanctuary or via the live stream at 10am. Nursery Care is provided for this service each week.