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Confirmation is a time for young people to confirm the vows of baptism – those taken on their behalf if they were baptized as an infant.

The SPUMC tradition is for 9th graders to take the confirmation class together. This weekly class runs from September through April and will cover the basics of Christian theology and United Methodist beliefs, history and structure. Every student will have a mentor, an adult to help guide them through the year and to be there for them in the future.


Our next Confirmation Class will be held during the 2023-24 school year and will include freshmen and sophomores. If you have a child who is interested, please contact Deb at

Contact Information

If you have a child who will be in 9th grade in the fall and would like to be in our confirmation program, please call the church office by September 1. 


Take a Peek at Confirmation

Affirmation of Faith Written by the 2021/2022 Confirmation Class

 We believe we experience God through everything as everything is God’s creation.  We connect to God through family, friends and animals.  God gives us the strength to do all things and is our backbone in life.  God helps bring communities together to help other people.  We believe we can find God in odd and beautiful spaces and that God hears our prayers of need and gratitude.

 We believe that Jesus led by example to give us hope and reassurance for life to come and is our blueprint of a fulfilled life.  Jesus’ life teachings give guidance, hope and pave the path of love through simple acts of kindness.  Jesus teaches us to live every day loving others and taught us to be grateful and not judge others.

We are thankful for the Holy Spirit that guides us.  The Holy Spirit inspires our creativity and gives us a feeling of connection to others and to God.  The Holy Spirit is love, compassion and forgiveness and is God’s power in action.  The Holy Spirit is the connecting glue between us and our faith.  The presence of the Holy Spirit is hard to ignore.

 We believe Scripture is our guide in our journey to love our neighbors, focus on the present and show how to choose love over hate.  Scripture is a baseline for everything we try and gives us hope when we need it most.  The Bible teaches us stories that can change our perspective and is the cornerstone of our faith.

 The act of helping others shows faith.  Our faith is an anchor as we live our lives and our lives wouldn’t be the same without faith.

This is our story of faith.  Thanks be to God.  Amen