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Caring Ministries

There are many ways to stay active and involved in the community and ministry as an adult and through your older ages. If you are interested in participating in any of these groups, please contact Brad Mather at 608-219-5407.

Stephen Ministry is an international program that offers a roadmap to churches to equip lay persons to provide distinctively Christian care-giving on a one-on-one basis to those who are experiencing a difficult time in life.

Stephen Ministers not only receive 50 hours of training but also receive continuing education, learning how to be a comforting confidential listener. Stephen Ministers are trained to help persons struggling with issues such as grief, illness, divorce, loneliness and job loss among other life struggles.

Stephen Ministers are matched men to men and women to women and meet with their care-receiver once a week.

If you would like to talk to someone about having a Stephen Minister please contact Pastors Jenny or Brad or one of our Stephen Leaders, Bonnie Kott, Pat Harper, Dave Heinle, Mike McGaffin or Herb Quandt.

Becoming a Stephen Minister: If you feel called through God to help others make life-changing decisions, why not consider becoming a Stephen Minister? Not only will you benefit seeing the impact your care-giving makes with your care receivers but the skills you will learn will be invaluable in your own relationship.

We lead devotional services at New Perspectives, Brookdale, Tall Grass and Hyland Park during the second week of each month.

A group of people in our congregation make a “once-a-month” visit to elderly and/or shut-in members. A friendly visit to help those who find it difficult to participate in our regular activities and still feel connected to the church.

In an Upper Room, on the night when he was arrested, Jesus offered the disciples a new sacrament we call Communion.  He gave it to them both as a way that they could continue to experience his presence through the Holy Spirit and be reminded that faith and serve go hand-in-hand.  

If you find it difficult or are unable to come to church, a dedicated and trained member of the church family is ready to bring communion to your door.  

If you’re interested and/or would more information please contact either Pastor Jenny or Pastor Brad.

XYZ–our fellowship group for retired folks–meets every third Tuesday of the month. Includes a programming time and dessert to follow.

Yes! We still have our Meal Ministry program! We are taking a different approach during these unsettled days of covid. Instead of providing home-cooked meals for families, we will provide a gift card or gift certificate to an area restaurant. (Cassoulet, owned and operated by a church member, Alissa Brooks, gives us a discount on gift certificates!)

We do appreciate your help with our Meal Ministry program! If you are willing to provide a gift card or gift certificate to a local restaurant or provide a monetary gift for us to purchase a gift card or gift certificate, it would be very appreciated! The Meals are provided to families who have had someone with a hospital stay, a new baby, a death in the family, or an extended illness. Gift cards, gift certificates, or monetary gifts may be sent to our church office marked “Meal Ministry”. Thank you for your consideration!