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2024 High School Seniors & Current College Students

Congratulations on your continuing studies to further your education. We, at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church (SPUMC), would like to help you with this worthwhile endeavor. Sun Prairie UMC is blessed with many generous members who care about students and their education and have offered scholarships to people furthering their education. We have over 18 scholarships available each year. 

To receive a scholarship applicants must…
  • Be an active participant in the programs of SPUMC, attend worship regularly and have volunteered at SPUMC since confirmation. 
  • Lead a Christian life
  • Participate in high school/college community clubs/ organizations.
  • Plan to attend 4-year college/ university, tech/vocational school pr short-term career training course.
  • Have a willingness to participate in the life of a campus church/ministry and when returning home for breaks attend worship at SPUMC.
How do I apply for a SPUMC scholarship? 
    • Complete our Online Application. See Button Below.
    • Email a recent photo of yourself to Pastor Claire for use online and in print publications.
    • Supply two (2)  Recommendation Forms  using the online Recommendation Form See Button Below to two adults by April 4, 2024:
      • a member of this church;
      • a family friend; or a teacher, college professor or someone you have worked with.

           Please check to make sure your letters of recommendation have been submitted by the due  date, as we will not process incomplete or late applications!

If a paper form is needed please contact the church office. 

Please use this check list to make sure you have all the of the items needed to complete your submission. 

Dates you need to be aware of…

       Application Due Date-

    • All applications and letters (2) of recommendation must be submitted by April 4, 2024.
Presentation of Scholarships…
  • Scholarships will be given out Sunday, June 2, 2024.
  • You will be notified in advance and will be expected to be in worship to receive your scholarship. 
  • A thank-you note written to the scholarship sponsor is expected.

If you are not in worship to receive your scholarship and do not communicate a valid reason to us in advance, the scholarship will be VOID.

How do I receive my scholarship?

Once you submit your tuition bill to Pastor Claire Douglass, the check will be issued to you. Scholarship money will be available ONLY until November 1. 

Available SPUMC Scholarships

This scholarship established by the Alden Britton Trust was instituted in 1998. Members of the United Methodist Church may apply for this scholarship. It may be used for attendance at any college or university for use in an undergraduate or graduate program. An applicant must show church and community activities that demonstrate strong Christian character. This scholarship may be granted to an individual only one time.

This scholarship was created in memory of Carrie Gray by her loving family to assist members of SPUMC who are furthering their education beyond high school. Preference will be given to students who did not attend Sun Prairie East or West High School, an applicant who is pursuing their education out of state or an applicant who exemplifies Carrie’s character.

This scholarship was established by the Fishers to aid continuing education SPUMC students who are attending a UW campus and majoring in either education or business.
This scholarship will be awarded to a graduate from Sun Prairie who has shown leadership in both community and church activities.
This scholarship will be awarded to a SPUMC member pursuing horticulture or culinary arts careers.

This scholarship is for members of our church who are taking classes at a community college, technical/vocational school or short-term career training college.

This scholarship is given by the family of Dr. Joseph Syty and is written to assist members of this church with a preference to non-traditional students. Non-traditional students are those who are perusing degrees through online universities, adults returning to college or first time degree seekers, etc.

This scholarship is awarded to female high school senior or college freshman pursuing elementary education or medical-related field.

This scholarship is given to a senior intending to major in education.

A recipient of this scholarship may use it for attendance at any institution of high learning, including vocational/technical schools, private or state colleges and universities, and not limited to Wisconsin institutions. Students who are active members of our church and are graduating Seniors may apply for this scholarship. This scholarship has been funded by local gifts and memorials.

Rev. Stan Strosahl, a long time member of our church established the Strosahl Graduate studies scholarship which has been combined with the Seminary Scholarship fund to help graduate students pursue higher education or seminary studies. Members must be in good standing and also be enrolled in a certified graduate school program or seminary.

A graduating Senior may only apply for this scholarship if he/she is planning on attending a college in the University of Wisconsin four year degree granting campuses. To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must have been an active member of the Sun Prairie church for a minimum of one year. They must display an active participation in community and high school activities.

This scholarship is to be awarded to someone who has been involved in mission work through our church or through some other non-profit organization for the betterment of this earth. The scholarship is funded by the Tummy-Yummies business and is to be awarded first to someone who has carried out the mission work past high school. If no applicant fits this criteria, a Senior who has gone on mission trips may be awarded this scholarship.

The Waymire Scholarship established in 2000, is given to a member of our church to be used for attendance at any institution of higher learning. Recipients may re-apply for this scholarship to continue their undergraduate or technical degree for a total of four years. An applicant must demonstrate Christian activities in both the community and church.

This Scholarship will be awarded to a person interested in continuing his/her higher education toward educating children or study in the field of veterinary science.

For more information about these scholarships, please contact  Terry Twedell, Scholarship Chairperson or Rev. Jenny Arneson.