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“This mystery is that the Gentiles have become fellow heirs, members of the same body, and sharers in the promise
in Christ Jesus through the gospel.” 

–Ephesians 3:6

Our Lenten theme this year at the Sun Prairie United Methodist Church is, Can You Relate? We are asking that question around many aspects of life during Lent.  

A mystery is usually defined as something that is difficult to explain or understand. There are many mysteries in life and in our faith. In the biblical Greek, which is the first language of the New Testament, mystery refers to “that which awaits disclosure or interpretation.” Mystery does not diminish the truth about something; it’s just that we may not be able to explain or understand it.  

In our Christian faith, the nature of the Trinity, which is God in three persons as God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, is a mystery. The circumstances around the birth and resurrection of Jesus is a mystery. In our Communion liturgy, we even acknowledge the mystery surrounding our faith by saying, “we proclaim the mystery of faith…Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again.” 

And even though we may not be able to explain or understand mysteries, we learn to live with the mysteries and trust them in many different ways. What are the mysteries you carry in your life?

One of the mysteries we have at church that I have learned to live with and trust, is a fun way that someone makes their monthly offering. It started periodically at the beginning of the pandemic a year ago and now it comes to us usually every month. Sometime during the month, in the mailbox at church, is an offering of several hundred dollars that comes as cash inside a Star Wars sandwich-size plastic bag. No name is attached, but the mystery of the Star Wars baggie offering is fun and faithful.

Can you relate to the mysteries of life and faith? I invite us to keep living with and trusting the mystery.