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“And though one might prevail against another, two will withstand one. Three is even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”

–Ecclesiastes 4:12

Recently, I had the joy of officiating at a wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting for a couple who clearly have God intertwined through their life and faith as they work to blend two families together. This scripture from Ecclesiastes with the image of a triple-braided cord was read at the wedding.

Because of where this couple is on their journey of life and faith individually and together, they easily understand the triple-braided cord for their marriage as wife, plus husband, plus God. With that combination, the cord is not easily broken and the marriage covenant stays strong.

This image of the triple-braided cord is not reserved just for the covenant of marriage, but is a good image for us to hold in our family relationships, our friendships, and with our co-workers and colleagues. You, plus another, plus God, makes the cord not easily broken.

In all our relationships, when God is the third strand of the triple-braided cord, we are able to care for, love and forgive each other in the strength of God’s Spirit and grace. In this triple braid there is also the buffer of God’s grace when we fail or disappoint each other. Pressures may strain the cord but cannot break it…when God is the unbreakable strand of the triple-braided cord, it will not be severed.

Think about the variety of your relationships and give thanks for those partnerships, family relationships, friendships, work relationships, and even connections with acquaintances in which God is the strength of the cord that holds those relationships together.